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Applied Linguistics

American Association for Applied Linguistics
British Association for Applied Linguistics|
Applied Linguistics
Journal of Applied Linguistics
Applied Linguistics Review
Dictionary Society of North America


Cognitive Linguistics

International Cognitive Linguistics Association
Cognitive Linguistics


General Linguistics

IPA Fonts for English
Linguistic Society of America
Journal of English Linguistics
Journal of Linguistics
English Language and Linguistics 



Historical Linguistics

Old English Dictionary
Corpus of Old English Poetry
Middle English Dictionary



American Names Society http://www.americannames
Literary Onomastics Studies http://www.digitalcommons.brockport,edu/los



Green’s Dictionary of Slang
American Speech
International Dialects of English Archive
English Word-Wide
Journal of Linguistic Geography
Journal of Sociolinguistics
Language Variation and Change 



Translation Studies

European Society for Translation Studies
International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies


Student Resources

UKW Library
Chicago Manual of Style
Linguistic Society of American Stylesheet
Sounds of English and IPA
English Lexical Sets
IPA for English Vowels:
Global English Dialects
Oxford English Dictionary
Słownik języka polskiego PWN